April 2018
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Dr. Jay Anderson
Trainer, Linguistics Consultant
Dr. Jay Anderson
Linguistics Consultant

Jay works as Trainer and provides linguistics consultation for HAP Training. His understanding of linguistics and anthropology combined with his ability to teach students at any level is a rarity. He has the ability to take the most abstract notions and bring them to their most basic form of understanding through skill building and experiential education. 

 Through training and experience, Jay has developed filters for defining and understanding workplace culture that allows individuals the ability to dissect the complex and confusing saturation of work place norms that are blocking production and collaboration.

Jay's personal passion for creating art has emerged in his professional life where he has taught art courses at the high school level and in his personal life where he actively engages personal time in this pursuit. 

 Jay has taught students from elementary school through college in the United States and has worked with secondary and post-secondary students in numerous countries. Jay joined HAP in 2011. 

 Jay lives with his family in Virginia.