April 2018
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Phil Bluehouse
Trainer, Facilitator, Strategic Planner, Peacemaker
Phil Bluehouse
Strategic Planner

Phil Bluehouse is a Trainer, Peacemaker, and Strategic Planner with HAP Training. Phil’s expertise at HAP is in Peacemaking (restorative justice), strategic planning and healing. Phil has spent the last 36 years working as an investigator, Peacemaker, and cultural leader at the state and federal level within the Navajo Nation. He has worked to bring individuals and groups of people to a place of healing through indigenous cultural and traditional methods. Phil has taught these practices at universities including UCLA, Stanford, Harvard, Michigan, Montana, MIT, University of the South Pacific, and Cambridge and has lectured to many professional groups and associations in the field of Indigenous Based Mediation and Peacemaking.

Phil’s passion for Peacemaking runs deep in his family roots. Two of his four familial clans focus on teaching and the warrior. His warrior side works to defeat poverty and ignorance and his teaching side allows him to bring Peacemaking to people in an easy to access methodology. Phil believes and in and practices the use of facilitation and healing through the Peacemaking of Dine/Navajo narratives.

Prior to joining HAP Phil worked simultaneously for the FBI, Navajo Tribal Government, various school districts, and Arizona and New Mexico state agencies focused on strategic planning and Peacemaking using Dine/Navajo Narratives. Phil joined HAP formally in 2013 and has provided consultation for HAP since its inception. 

 Today's modern form of restorative justice originates from indigenous models and partially from Navajo Peacemaking as facilitated by Phil Bluehouse. 

Phil lives in northern Arizona with his family.