April 2018
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Pierre DeBar
Holistic Practitioner & Educator
Pierre DeBar
Holistic Practitioner & Educator 

For over 20 years Pierre has been teaching, facilitating and exploring Energy Medicine in its various forms and how it is applied in Human Performance. He began his roots practicing and teaching Clinical Bodywork/Massage. He has been fortunate to have some of the leading experts in the field as Mentors and Educators. This lead to Hypnotherapy and Breathwork training which combines harnessing the power of the mind to direct the energy that is created through the power of Breath and Life force. Additionally, Pierre is a HeartMath Certified Trainer and an Extreme Focus Mental Performance Coach. Both of these come together as bridging the Heart-Brain connection and connecting what we "Feel" with what we "Think." Finally, the expertise that brings it all together is his passion for Nature and the unlimited force that is the Earth and how we interact and live intimately with it. Pierre has worked with athletes and organizations in the NHL, Major League Soccer, Major League Baseball, NBA, Olympians as well as NCAA Athletes/Organizations. His history in the Technology Consulting industry, prior to his Holistic shift, puts him in a unique understanding of working with Corporate Executives and Business environments and the need to increase the understanding of oneself in relationship to one's surrounding. Pierre's emphasis is on using leading edge communication and mental skills from the athletic world and how they can be applied in corporate, education and family environments.  

Breathwork & Mental/Emotional Coaching - Here we harness the power of our Breath to manifest powerful amounts of energy in our body. Once we have increased energy, we can than direct this with the power of our Heart and Mind. It is with this direction than we can manifest our desires with our thoughts to produce results in our current realities. He is a Certified Extreme Focus Performance Coach (Mental Triggers and Beast Mode training) and in study to be an Unbeatable Mind Certified Coach (Navy SEAL based program to create World Centric Leaders) finishing Summer of '20. 
Grounding-Earthing - Utilizing the latest research on the power of connecting our bare skin to the Earth, we take you through the knowledge of what is happening within the Physiology of the Human Body. From there we take you through the "Nature Heeling" protocol that Pierre created. Once we can understand what is happening in the body when we touch the ground, we can then use our Intention/Attention and Focus to enhance the flow of Electrons and Energy into our bodies for enhanced Human Performance in recovery or performance.   
HeartMath Training - The HeartMath Institute in Boulder Creek, CA has been researching the Intelligence of the Heart for over 30 years. With over 300 peer reviewed papers on the power and intelligence of the Heart as its own ability to remember, feel, broadcast information to the human body and the environment around us. We utilize key exercises to shift our positive alter our physiology and Brain states by accessing our "Feeling" center and the most powerful electrical field in the body. Pierre is one of a limited number of HeartMath Trainers trained in Coherent Group Dynamics and the Power of Heart in Teams. 
Bioneuro-SigmaQ - This is a revolutionary technology created in the UK that combines Electricity and Sound to produce a patent technology called SigmaQ wave. This is transported thru the Bioneuro Dry device and the Aquanuero Spa Tub. We are the only clinic in North & South America that offers this technology to the public. It activates motor nerves and communicates them back to the brain. Additionally, it alters and brings the deeper Autonomic Nervous System back into balance which allows optimal healing for the human body.