April 2018
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Stan Davis
Founder & Managing Director
Stan Davis
Founder and Managing Director

Stan is the founder of HAP Training and currently works at HAP as a Trainer and Managing Director. Stan has worked as a public-school educator for 23 years, school principal/director for 2 years and owned and operated his own businesses for 12 years. Additionally he grew up ranching as a 5th generation Coloradan, served on the bridge in the Navy and has a steeped relationship with traditional native cultures. Combined, this set of experiences allows Stan’s expertise with HAP to lay in the cultural work where he is able to quickly and clearly gain clarity around an organizations’ culture and create curriculum direction to address specific needs. Stan has crafted HAP’s bread and butter concept: Listen, Clarify, Demystify. All of HAP’s curriculum runs through this filter.

Stan’s love of water has led him to be a whitewater river guide, a fly fishing guide, a Quartermaster in the US Navy, and the director of a school where boat building was the center piece of all standardized curriculum. This life with water helps him in his HAP Training work impart the vitality of fluidness and adaptability in culture as he works with clients to engage in a process driven practice of establishing a "desired culture" within an organization.

As a young man fresh out of the Navy and beginning life on his own, Stan graduated college with multiple degrees while working full time and raising his son as a single father. With his teaching degree in hand, Stan made ends meet as a young teacher by living in a teepee with his son and later a primitive cabin in a remote river valley on the West Slope of Colorado. 

Immediately before starting HAP Training as a startup business, Stan worked with schools developing safe school plans linked with social emotional intelligence training for teachers and students. Stan has received numerous awards and comendations for his teaching including Master Teacher from the State of Colorado Department of Education. He was Honorably discharged from the US Navy with service related injuries. Stan founded HAP in 2008.
Stan lives in central California with his family.