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Variety & Duration
HAP has and can provide trainings from 20 minutes to 4 days. 
HAP provides trainings from 20 minutes to 4 days. We are agile and flexible and able to meet any schedule. HAP’s typical training is based on 32 hours of contact: that is 16 hours of training typically over 2 days, and 16 hours of follow up coaching typically over 4 days. What is the schematic you need? Let’s talk and find a schedule that meets your training needs and your availability. 
Health & Wellness Training

HAP’s Health and Wellness Training is taught to groups of people yet is targeted for the individual. The intention is to provide each participant with a set of Awareness and Skills focused on Relationship with Self. This set of skills focuses on understanding of personal triggers and pathways to stress and conflict, and how to navigate through these situations as smoothly and quickly as is possible. Through a better understanding of one’s self and how to clearly communicate, the individual can get their needs met without causing damage to themselves and those around them.

Behavioral Standards Training

The Behavioral Standards Training is geared for groups of people. This training teaches and establishes a set of skills and strategies focused on bringing all team members to the same set of standards for workplace behaviors. By setting standards for how particular situations will be managed, organizations can reduce time and energy spent navigating and repeating details of why a situation has occurred and how it will be solved. HAP’s client data shows less intervention from management and less conflict in the workplace.

Workplace Culture

By leaning on the individual and groups skills of the two trainings described above, the Workplace Culture Training adds in focus on language and traditions to shape your organization’s culture as prescribed. This ongoing practice formalizes the concept of a “desired culture” and is effective when the training is installed throughout your organization, refined by your team members and practiced consistently.

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HAP sends an appropriate number of trainers to you. Prior to a training, the trainers will contact the organization to learn about your work culture details and use that information to craft the scope and sequence of the training. Our trainers will use direct instruction, group interaction, experiential education, team collaboration, and reflection to deliver the material. Each member of a training will have a HAP Guidebook to follow.

HAP Training uses our HAP Guidebook as source for content for all of our trainings. The HAP Guidebook is written by HAP Founder Stan Davis and HAP Lead Trainer Bryan Maddox. Currently it is on its 14th Edition. The book is a strategically designed curriculum developed to begin with Awareness of the given topic, move to application and practice of Skills related to situational needs, and ends with discussions on development of workplace Norms and real application of Skills. Each Training is tailored to fit our client’s needs. As we see it, "one size fits none." Prior to a training, the trainers will contact the organization to learn about your work culture details and use that information to craft the scope and sequence of the training.  
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HAP leans hard on our coaching program. For HAP, coaching comes after the Training is complete and members of your organization have been able to get back to work and feel and use HAP in real time situations. Coaching then explores the real time efficacy of its use, makes adjustments in focus, and reviews and practices skills again and again because skills are the defining tool of HAP Training. Skills make the difference. HAP prefers to have coaching sessions happen in person with the full cohort. Coaching can happen via digital interface as well.   
HAP Trainers will come to you. This can be at your place of work, or an off-site location. We prefer venues that will allow for participants to disconnect from their daily place of work. HAP has led trainings in traditional indoor settings, in large Cities, in rural communities, on the banks of the Colorado River, and in the remote settings of our National Parks. We can lead trainings anywhere.        
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