We believe in assisting individuals and teams with Three Relationships: 

  • Relationship with Self
  • Relationship with Others
  • Relationship with our Environment

We guide people to walk through our relationships easy day, causing less damage and holding our integrity.


HAP facilities, provides direction and assistance to organizations with respect to the development, definition, protection and support of a new and/or existing corporate culture.

We spend time observing what is working well in your organization and what your specific organization challenges are. We tailor our program to fit your organization’s needs. Organizations are made up of employees from diversity of backgrounds and interpersonal experiences. Our program facilitates the creation of commonalities in language and experience to improve communication and collaboration in your organization


Our practice is experientially based, data driven and measurable. It is a multi-disciplinary approach designed to increase both SEI and an individual’s performance through skill building and practice. HAP’s professionals will implement and support a comprehensive practice, which will be delivered in a flexible time period through direct instruction, experiential education and practice.

HAP equips each employee with a practical toolkit providing them with the skills to navigate through challenging and unfamiliar situations. While the content of the SEI program is crucial, the manner in which the content is delivered is paramount. HAP led trainings ensure consistency in the delivery of the SEI related material to its intended audience.

Benefits for the individual

  • Better understanding of workplace expectations, language and culture.
  • Improved accountability, resiliency and problem solving. 
  • Increased openness and receptivity towards providing and receiving feedback.
  • Improved mental and emotional health.
  • Increased productivity and better decision making. 

Benefits for the Organization

  • Alignment of common corporate language and culture.
  • Improved vertical, horizon and cross-functional team cohesion and performance.
  • Streamline and improved effectiveness of annual review process.
  • Increases employee retention and reduces absenteeism
  • Increased employee job satisfaction and morale.