HAP facilitates, provides direction and assistance to organizations with respect to the development, definition, protection and support of a new and/or existing corporate culture.

We believe in assisting individuals and teams with Three Relationships:
·   Relationship with Self
·   Relationship with Others
·   Relationship with our Environment


We guide people to walk through our relationships each day, causing less damage and holding our integrity.

Our program facilitates the creation of commonalities in language and experience to improve communication and collaboration in your organization. We tailor our program to fit your organization’s needs.


HAP equips each employee with a practical toolkit providing them with the skills to navigate through challenging and unfamiliar situations.

As the content of the SEI program is crucial, the manner in which the content is delivered is paramount.  HAP led trainings ensure consistency in the delivery of the SEI related material to its intended audience.

An Introduction to HAP (5+ mins)

With increasing need every day for skills that set us apart, a method that lives inside and comes to its own when utilized properly is at the core of HAP and SEI

The aside video gives you a more in depth overiew.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Human Accelerated Performance (HAP) is a data- driven, educational organization dedicated to bettering prospective teachers’ level of preparedness, principally through the development of superior teacher training coursework. Our success has always hinged on face-to-face seat time with our participants and the resulting level of engagement during this process.

Our course of studies is recognized by international institutions, due to our fully accredited, comprehensive curriculum which prepares each professional with a deeper understanding of pedagogical principles steeped in core TESOL principals. Assisting each teacher trainee must include techniques for continuous professional development and on-going self-management.


To date, HAP has provided over $250,000 in scholarships to our clients.

We are proud of this work and will continue providing scholarships each and every year.

HAP believes that Emotional Intelligence is paramount for the betterment of our society and we do our best to offer scholarships to Schools and Non-Profits when and where we can.


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