HAP provides applied Emotional Intelligence training, consulting and real world application. HAP Training is a proven approach to developing and increasing individual and group Social Emotional Intelligence performance.

Our team is made-up of professional educators, coaches, team-builders, facilitators, entrepreneurs and PhD’s. A group of amazing and deeply passionate people that love helping others experience success, fulfillment and joy.

Our select team isn’t just trained; they have decades of experience teaching some of the most challenging subjects and within some of the most difficult environments.  They are above all deeply committed to the welfare and success of others and have invested their lives into becoming the finest educators possible.

We are focused on giving people the tools they need to successfully navigate their Social and Emotional lives. These skills are important for success at any level, and provide the opportunity for people to consistently perform at peak levels.


HAP Training is a proven, effective approach to Emotional Intelligence (EI) development that increases cohesiveness of any workplace, group or team by giving all members the same skills and strategies to increase communication effectiveness, collaboration and synergy across the organization.

HAP Training provides experientially based, data driven and measurable EI customized programs that improve productivity of the individual and of the team.

Every group in the world is composed of individuals with differing beliefs, genders, backgrounds, experiences, religious and social values, political opinions, language, education and general life experience differences.

We bring all these people and their variances together, call it a company, team or organization and expect them to not only work together but get along well and create amazing results.  And then we give them all managers who are expected to create World Series and Super Bowl winning teams.

HAP addresses the broad spectrum of differences and facilitates the creation of commonalities in language and experience.  Until everyone in the company and its respective groups all share a common culture comprised of things such as accepted behavior, language, communication, respect and values, the company’s mission is just a nice plaque on the wall.


With their masters level skills, our Trainers work with each client to equip their employees with skills and tools like no other, immediately providing them with the ability to navigate through even the most challenging and unfamiliar situations.  The hands-on approach we take is dynamic, fun, effective and produces visible and immediate results.

HAP Training dramatically and immediately improves communication, collaboration and performance. And because no 2 people are alike, neither are organizations – One size fits none! We custom tailor a program to fit your organization’s specific needs, concerns and objectives and we work closely with you to insure success.

It all starts with a call to us.  We’ll meet with you to learn about your business, determine your objectives and challenges and custom design an Emotional Intelligence program that addresses your needs.

An Introduction to HAP (5+ mins)

With increasing need every day for skills that set us apart, a method that lives inside and comes to its own when utilized properly is at the core of HAP and SEI

The aside video gives you a more in depth overiew.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Human Accelerated Performance (HAP) is a data- driven, educational organization dedicated to bettering prospective teachers’ level of preparedness, principally through the development of superior teacher training coursework. Our success has always hinged on face-to-face seat time with our participants and the resulting level of engagement during this process.

Our course of studies is recognized by international institutions, due to our fully accredited, comprehensive curriculum which prepares each professional with a deeper understanding of pedagogical principles steeped in core TESOL principals. Assisting each teacher trainee must include techniques for continuous professional development and on-going self-management.


To date, HAP has provided over $250,000 in scholarships to our clients.

We are proud of this work and will continue providing scholarships each and every year.

HAP believes that Emotional Intelligence is paramount for the betterment of our society and we do our best to offer scholarships to Schools and Non-Profits when and where we can.


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