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What Is HAP?
HAP is Human Accelerated Performance. HAP is a Professional Development option for any organization that has humans working together. Our focus is the relationships between people. Our content is Social Emotional Intelligence. Our trainers are longtime educators who come from traditional public schools, college and university settings, experiential classrooms, backcountry classrooms, and international teaching environments who have worked with students from pre-school to elder learners. HAP's SEI curriculum is the professional development that prepares employees for the hardest part of working in any team situation: getting along and being productive.
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Relevance of SEI as PD                
How is Social Emotional Intelligence relevant as a Professional Development option?
Since the 1950’s when people have quit jobs, 80% of the time it has been because of work relationships, not because of the work. We are all human. Relations between humans are the center of all things. Social Emotional Intelligence (SEI) is the ability of each of us to understand how we individually interact with ourselves, the people around us and the environments we spend our time in. Built on this understanding is the ability to make changes to our behaviors to enhance our relationships. Consider how the relationships in your organization impact the efficacy and productivity of what you are working towards daily. HAP Training is about giving people the awareness to understand how they interact with themselves and the people around them, and then to change the interactions that harm work and personal relationships, that sidetrack them from the mission and goals of the organization. HAP Training is relevant as a Professional Development option because it starts at the beginning; it starts with human relationships.  
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Who Can Use HAP?  
Honestly, we believe that every human can use HAP. That’s our broad view. More specifically, HAP Training is designed for the individual to use personally, and for groups of people working together towards common interests.
We work with large corporations, small businesses, public and private schools, government agencies, Native American tribes, nonprofit organizations, athletic teams, even families and individuals. We wrote our curriculum and we can adapt it to work in any setting. The commonality is relationships. That’s is what we help you work on. Regardless of how HAP is captured and used, the humans who put HAP Training awareness and skills to work in their lives will experience life through new filters and will have tools to make individual and group changes as desired. This change is not a given; it comes with work and courage and that is the responsibility of the individual and the group.  
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History of HAP                
HAP Trainer and Founder Stan Davis was first introduced to Social Emotional Intelligence (SEI) as a public school teacher in the mid 90’s where he integrated SEI into his daily instruction. During his career working as a teacher and administrator in the public school systems, Stan also began simultaneous work as an SEI Trainer in the private sector. Stan worked as an SEI trainer for 5 years while still working as a Teacher, School Principal and Director of Schools.

After teaching, and with many administrative and leadership roles, Stan Davis began Safe Schools Consulting. His work was successful and he and his team assisted many schools and school districts over the years with Safe Schools Plans recognizing that school safety was indeed an issue of SEI. Schools who had an SEI curriculum were less likely to have mass traumatic events and have much less violence overall in the schools.

An SEI curriculum keeps kids safer, gives them a sense of belonging to the school, and an innate intuition to care for their environment. 

Safe Schools work was going along swimmingly until the market correction in 2007/2008, and the market fell for most any school training work. It was then that Stan met Jon Bell in San Francisco while working with TESOL International helping build curriculum in TESOL that embedded SEI practices. In their conversation, Stan shared how fulfilling and meaningful his SEI work was. They discussed the issues they saw daily with professional athletes and their behaviors. It was then they decided to start Human Athletic Performance LLC to provide training for Professional Athletes and NCAA Division I and II schools. They could see a clear connection with poor behaviors of the athletes, and the lack of SEI in their lives.  

In July of 2010, and after seeing success working with NCAA teams and individual athletes, they started getting calls from corporate groups as well as schools and non-profits. The company was rebranded to Human Accelerated Performance and then to HAP Training. 

Since, HAP Training has served a multitude of clients: athletes, teams, breweries, collision repair shops, NPOs, Native American tribes and their businesses, schools, retail shops, restaurants, wineries, National Parks and other US Federal agencies.

HAP Training has seen success in every setting and every organization we have been challenged with.

Stan Davis

Founder & Managing Director


Luther Elliss

Trainer, Athletic Coach/Liason


Pierre DeBar

Holistic Practitioner & Educator


Phil Bluehouse



Laura Blaquiere



Vern Krutein

Communications Director


Emily Sula

Executive Assistant, Lead Team Facilitator


Jay Anderson

Trainer & Linguistics Consultant


Jonathan Bell